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Srinagar Bike Rental Rates

Rates and Terms

The rates given above are for pre day basis which starts at pikcup day 9 AM and ends at drop date 6PM .

Further it will be chargeable at pro-rata horly basis. If the machine is returned after 6pm and if by some chance checkup is not comple then the refundable amount will be held till the check is complete next day.

Srinagar bike rental rates are ment to change as per availibility , demand , nature of vehicle etc without notice so its for your prior info that you will be informed at the time of booking of the actual amount.

Doucments like Driving licence and identity proof etc is to be given and proof has to be left till the return of the machine. In case of damages of any case recovery will be made from security amount and will have to be repaired from Original Manifacturer only as all our parts are OEM only and very big care is taken in that case to make sure the rides of future traveller is safe and sound.
Best of luck with your adventures.