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Vehicle Health

All our vehicles are in top notch condition with our in-house certified and experienced mechanic team.

New Models

We do not employ older worn out aged bikes here at Bike Rental Srinagar.
they are latest only.

24/7 Support

Our centralized service center will provide you all the necessary assistance whenever required.

Repair Shop

On return of our machines the bikes goes through rigorous 48 checks to make it jet like.

  • Free delivery within 3 kms range.
  • >3 Kms Pickup and Delivery option available.

Reserve to avoid unavailibility

Bike rental in Srinagar, Enfield-350CC Rental Srinagar Kashmir

Royal Enfield 350 cC

Rs 1500/day

With its robust frame, reliable suspension, and rugged tires, this motorcycle in Srinagar promises an unforgettable experience in the paradise that is Srinagar. With no formal high tech involved its robust and quick.

Himalayan Rental Srinagar Kashmir

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Rs. 1800/day

The Himalayan motorcycle is specifically designed for challenging mountain terrains. It easy handling through rough trails and winding roads, making it an excellent choice for exploring mountainous regions like the Himalayas


Bajaj pulsar 180

Rs. 1100/day

The Pulsar 180 is ideal for both long rides as well as for city rides as well as longer ones . The seats offer comfort for both the rider and pillion. It is one of the best choices for renting a bike in Srinagar, Kashmir

Garage services.

Equipped with certified and experienced mechanics from Royal Enfield Service Centre and oversight of Engineers having more than 8 years in overseas foreign countries, we make sure any Whenever a bike, which enters the garage in Bike Rentals in Srinagar on return from guests, leaves however for the next in proper condition, so that none of our esteemed riders and wanderers face any kind of issues on the roads finally. For Srinagar bike rental price or Srinagar to Ladakh bike rent you can call us 2×7.

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rent a royal enfield bike in srinagar kashmir


For no Complaints

We take utmost care of the motorcycles as we want our brand name Bike Rental Srinagar to spread like a wildfire for all the wanderers. So that you can book your bike easily from bike rental in Kashmir. We also provide scooter rental in Srinagar Kashmir and Pahalgam bike rental.


For optimal ride

Any motorcycle of ours has the performance tweaked for long rides and lasting mileage so it covers both leisure and budget.

bike rental in Srinagar


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In case of need for wanderlust, we are just a call away from your memorable  trip. Book your flights and we will here are ready for you.

How to rent a bike in Srinagar | Rental Bike in Srinagar

Select your bike

Select your bike from our wide range of collection.

Pick your bike

Find the pickup location and pick a bike.

Enjoy your ride

Enjoy your ride at your own pace.

Bike Rental Srinagar | Bikes on rent in Srinagar Kashmir

Welcome to Bike Rentals Srinagar, if you want a Bike for rent in Srinagar your go-to destination for motorcycle rentals in the picturesque Kashmir region. Our website offers a wide selection of top-quality motorcycles for rent, from sporty and nimble models to rugged and reliable touring bikes. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking to explore the winding roads of the Himalayas or a first-time renter looking for an exciting way to see the sights, we have the perfect bike for you. Our team of experts is on hand to help you choose the right motorcycle for your needs, and to provide you with all the information and support you need to have a safe and enjoyable ride. Book your rental today and experience the thrill of the open road in one of the most breathtaking regions in the world. With our motorcycle rental services, you can explore the hidden gems of Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and other famous tourist destinations in Kashmir with ease.

Whether you are looking for bike rental in Srinagar for Leh , Kashmir bike rental ,bike rent in Pahalgam , Bike rentals in Srinagar, Bike rental in Kashmir , Srinagar to Leh one way bike rent or bike on rent near me, here you will find the perfect bike rental for your needs as well as Srinagar bike rental price. To enjoy the ride in Srinagar book your bike from Bike rental in Srinagar Kashmir. You can even go from Srinagar to Gulmarg on bike.

Being wanderers ourselves for a long time and completing lot of circuits we love meeting and having fun talks with new people. Do have a conversation with us. You are a fellow rider and a brother in passion. Bike rental give you the opportunity to rent a bike that is near to you, just open your browser and search bike rental near me and click on bike rental srinagar website.

Some FAQ's about Bike Rental Srinagar & Srinagar Bike Rentals

Yes, its available but you need to pre book your ride to avoid hassles. Although there are a lot of rental agencies and third arty outsourcing agents The best bike rental service is “BikeRentalSrinagar”. They have the latest models with new condition.

In 3 easy steps.
1. Visit the website www.bikerentalsrinagar.com or call 7006341559
2. Choose the bike and fill the dates.
3.Collect the bike on the date and go.

You can book with BikeRental Srinagar, its always just a phone call away. “7006341559”

Follow the below steps to book a bike in Srinagar  Kashmir.
1. Make a circuit plan.
2. WhatsApp on 7006341559 the plan.
3. Get the pricing and make an advance to reserve.
4. That is it you are done and ready.
5. On the handover day be there to take your bike.

The roads are beautiful and the limit is your spririt. so its you  who has to decide the limits. You can visit Normal attractive places like  Gulmarg , Sonmarg , Pahlagam , And most unseen off beat places like Gurez, Kargil, Bangus Valley, Doodhpathri , Yousmarg , Aharabal, Leh and wherever the roads go. Do not think twice as oppurtunity and youth does not wait for anyone.

The best travel agency in Kashmir is Kashmir Cab Service by Travel My Kashmir. You can check the reviews.

The  best tourist taxi service in Kashmir is Kashmir Cab Service by Travel My Kashmir.

Yes. You must bring the Bike back to the same place you picked it up before the end of your reservation. If you dropoff the Bike at a location different from your pickup point, you will be charged INR 2,000, and the full hourly rate and late fees until the vehicle is returned to the correct location.

A high penalty will be applicable for the amount of time you are late. In order to avoid paying this penalty, you can extend the booking by calling 7006341559 , well in advance.

The refund will be processed to the account/card used to make the payment and will take up to 15 days to complete.” If the payment was made from the wallet account, the refund would take 24-48 hours to process.

Extension is subject to Bike availability and extension can be done before the booking end time. You can call  7006341559 to extend your booking.

We will refund your security deposit within 15 working days after the booking is completed. If the customer violates the terms and conditions of Bike Rental Srinagar, the amount owed will be deducted from the security deposit.

To book your bike rent in Pahalgam you can book online at BikerentalSrinagar  or call us at +91-7006341559.

You can easily book a bike on rent in Kashmir by visiting our website or call us at 7006341559.

Most of the vendors in Srinagar provide bike rental services within the Kashmir division only. For any support contact 7006341559. 

You can’t take a bike rented in Srinagar to Ladakh.

The cost depends on the bike you choose. The price starting from ₹1000 per day.

Avenger motorcycle rental srinagar

Order Now

Online Booking for Renting A Bike in Srinagar

With our ever responsive team and with online system we have made it super easy to book a bike / motorcycle in Srinagar Kashmir with on-call reservation after a healthy discussion about terrain and geography or simply booking over the site and let the spirits take you there. Don’t hesitate to call us at bike on rent Srinagar.

Bike rental in Srinagar | Two Wheeler Rental in Srinagar

Bike on rent is now available in Srinagar and it is absolutely safe to ride bike in Srinagar. The Bike rental in Srinagar provides bike rental services in Srinagar . Now you can choose your bike according to your choice and can enjoy the beauty of Kashmir at your own pace. Get your rented bike from best bike rental Srinagar. Also you can get a scooty for rent at Srinagar. The price of scooty in Srinagar starts from Just Rs. 1000 per day. The best scooty available for rent in Srinagar include Ntorq, Jupiter, Burgman, aviator.

Is bike rent available in srinagar?

Yes, Bike rental services are available in Srinagar, Kashmir. You can book a bike by call or WhatsApp this number 7006341559 or visiting the website of Bike Rental Srinagar for online booking. In Srinagar, you have multiple choices of bikes, including Royal Enfield 350, Royal Enfield 500, Himalayan, Bajaj Pulsar, and scooters. To ensure availability, it’s advisable to prebook your bike in Srinagar before arriving in Kashmir.

How much does it cost to rent a bike in srinagar?

To rent a bike in Srinagar, you just need to contact bike rental srinagar by calling 7006341559.  the cost usually starts from Rs.900 for scooters. If you’re looking for a powerful bike like the Royal Enfield 350 or Royal Enfield 500, the cost will be Rs.1500 per day and Rs.1700 per day, respectively. For bikes with good mileage and performance, such as the Bajaj Pulsar 180 and Bajaj Pulsar 220, the cost will be Rs.1100 per day and Rs.1200 per day, respectively. For the latest and updated rates, you can call 7006341559 at any time.

Kashmir bike rental rates | Srinagar bike rental price

Here is the latest srinagar bike rental rate list 2024-2025. Choose the one and start your journey. The helmet is included in the bike rental Srinagar price.

Srinagar Bike rental ratesEngine SizeDaily rental rate
Bajaj Pulsar 180 rental price Srinagar180 ccRs 1100/ per day
Bajaj Pulsar 220 rental price Srinagar220 ccRs 1200/ per day
TVS Ntorq rental price Srinagar125 ccRs 900/ per day
Hero impulse rental price Srinagar150 ccRs 1400/ per day
Royal Enfield 250 rental price Srinagar250 ccRs 1500/ per day
Royal Enfield 350 rental price Srinagar350 ccRs 1500/ per day
Royal Enfield 500 rental price Srinagar500 ccRs 1700/ per day
Royal Enfield Himalayan rental price Srinagar450 ccRs 1800/ per day
Royal Enfield Thunderbird rental price Srinagar350 ccRs 1800/ per day
Bajaj Avenger rental price Srinagar220 ccRs 1500/ per day
Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 rental price Srinagar450 ccRs 2500/ per day

The cost of bike rental in Srinagar depends on the type of bike you choose and the season. During the winter season, typically from October to January, you may see a drop in bike rental rates in Srinagar. However, during the peak tourist season, there are chances of higher prices for bike rentals in Srinagar.

What is the average cost of bike rentals in Srinagar?

The average cost of bike rentals in Srinagar ranges from Rs.900 to Rs.2500 depending upon the season and tourist rush.

Is renting a bike in Srinagar is safe?

Renting a bike in Srinagar is absolutely safe. You can rent your favorite bike without any issue and can roam in Kashmir freely and happily.

Can you hire a bike in Srinagar online?

Yes, you can hire a bike in Srinagar online. The person hiring a bike in Srinagar must have a valid driving license , Aadhar card, PAN card , Passport in case of foreigners or any other proof of identity. A security deposit is also required before renting a bike in Srinagar.

Can we rent a scooty in Srinagar?

In addition to bikes you can also rent a scooty in Srinagar of your choice. Some top and most rented scooties in Srinagar are Ntorq, Burgman, Activa, Aviator, Jupiter and many more. The price of scooty rental in Srinagar starts from just Rs. 900 per day.

Can Foreigners rent a bike in Srinagar kashmir?

Yes, both local tourist as well as foreign tourists can rent a bike in Srinagar easily. The foreigner must have a passport, a valid driving license and any proof of identity. The foreigners can book a bike by contacting bike rental in Srinagar by visiting the official site or by calling at 7006341559 at time. 

Can i take a srinagar rental bike to Ladakh?

It might be disappointing, but no, you cannot take a bike rented in Srinagar to Ladakh. You only have the option to use the rented bike within the Kashmir division. Previously, it was possible to take a rented bike to Ladakh, but after the creation of a separate Union Territory for Ladakh, you can no longer take a bike rented in Kashmir to Ladakh.

What to check before renting a bike in Srinagar?

Before renting a bike in Srinagar, here are some important things to check:

  • Inspect the bike thoroughly for any existing damage.
  • Check the tires, brakes, lights, and other essential components.
  • Read and understand the rental terms and conditions.
  • Clarify any doubts regarding fuel policy, mileage limits, and return timings.
  • Carry an identification proof (such as Aadhar card, PAN card, or passport).
  • Inquire about the security deposit required by the rental agency.
  • Prebook the bike if possible to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Take note of the rental agency’s emergency contact number.

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