Things to know before planning kashmir tirp

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Book Gondola cable car prrior. As it has more than 20 days of passes already sold out..

Tip 1

Book Gulmarg Gondola

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Try and reserve things online Like Shikara to avoid unavailability and price haggling

Tip 2

Book Shikara ride online

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A popular activity in Kashmir, book your pony ride in advance online to avoid availability issues and price negotiations

Tip 3

Prepaid pony ride

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It's important to keep an eye on the weather when planning for your trip and pack accordingly. Make sure to bring waterproof jackets to protect yourself from any unexpected rain

Tip 4

Weather report

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For taxi service hire a reputed agency with more than 5 years of experience. Avoid small or unreliable agencies.

Tip 5

Choosing cab service

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When planning your own trip, call and confirm your hotel reservations to avoid issues. To avoid issues, book with a reliable local agency.

Tip 6

Hotel Reservations

Try to reserve things two months in advance to avoid significant price increases as the date approaches.

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